Une qualité incontestable et une expérience de 70 ans dans la fabrication de matériaux isolants


Fixolite is a long history...

Since 1945, the company Fixolite is specialized in the manufacture of insulating construction materials.

Including blocks HI (R 11.11, or 0.09 CPU) or trunk HI lintel (UC 0.48 in type 30) for the implementation of passive house or BBC, Fixolite occurs in accordance with European standards.

 The Fixolite construction blocks are made of wood (mineralized lime) and Portland cement with a conventional insulating or graphite (inside or outside). The blocks are assembled dry (except the first row). Concrete is then poured to provide mechanical strength to the whole assembly also by providing inertia (RT 2012)

Shuttered boxes are made of a polystyrene rtshell (with steel reinforcement). The outer part is coated with a wood fiber siding, terracotta, concrete or corrugated PSE. Fixolite shuttered boxes can receive all the shutters on the European market.

Conformité RT 2012

Production is exported to various European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands, as well as in North Africa, where the materials are used for making buildings such as schools, sports halls, houses, buildings or apartments, industrial and tertiary buildings, etc…

Fixolite products come in various forms including:
Insulating shuttering blocks to fill with concrete after installation of drywall with dimensions (50 x 25 cm) or 8 blocks per m2 or 100 x 25 cm or 4 blocks per m2) and ease of implementation allow to obtain laying high yields without skilled labor;
Elements of floors for the realization of floor type keystone, for solid slab formwork, slab cabinet;
Boxes shutter composed entirely of polystyrene or polystyrene and wood fiber, terracotta or concrete;

Some types of blocks are made in our factory in Italy: www.isobloc.it